Lynn K Hall


It’s been five weeks since I completed the Run Rabbit Run 100+ -mile ultra-marathon. The recovery has been tough – in some ways tougher than I anticipated. I had neuropathy in my feet, and my toes have been numb until just a few days ago. I’ve been exhausted and hungry all the time. The worst part – and this I did expect – is that I’m having a lot of difficulty with… Read More

Enough time has passed since Run Rabbit Run 100 I can walk up – and down! – stairs without bracing my arms against the railings. I can sleep without shooting pains in the bottom of my feet waking me up. My appetite hasn’t returned yet, but it will, and then at some point I’m sure my partner will find me sitting on top of our kitchen counter eating brownies straight from the… Read More

It’s been three years since I decided I wanted to complete a 100-mile ultra-marathon. It’s not so hard to dream the big dreams when the goal is so far in the future, but now said 100-mile ultra-marathon is three days away, and it is getting harder to remain quite so tenacious. Most minutes I’m excited but then a pang of terror sweeps me up. Am I really going to do this?  … Read More