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“I Told The World I Was Raped. When Women Told Me They Were Too, I Was Shocked By My Response.

I began to hate myself for not reacting accordingly…I felt as if I had become a very bad person.

By Lynn K. Hall

Huffington Post. May 2023

Credit: Jennifer Heuer

What Happens When a Rape Goes Unreported.”

When I got herpes, I said nothing. When the virus led to meningitis, I said nothing…

By Lynn K. Hall

The New Your Times. February 2017

Journal of Women in Culture & Society

“I Wish All the Ladies Were Holes In the Road’: The U.S. Air Force Academy and the Gendered Continuum of Violence.” 

In 2003, sixty-one women cadets reported having been sexually assaulted…

By Lorraine Bayard de Volo and Lynn K. Hall.

Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. June 2015

Others, by date

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“Senator Martha McSally’s Responsibility to Survivors of Military Sexual Assault.”

Beacon Broadside. March 15, 2019

ENOUGH: This is Life

“In Defense of ‘Me Too.'”

The Rumpus, as part of their collection, “Enough.” December 5, 2017

Photo credit: Howie Stern

“Rediscovering My Girt at the Silverton Double Dirty 30.”

Ultrarunning Magazine. December 1, 2017

Photo credit: Southern Arkansas University

“This Veteran’s Day, Support Survivors of Sexual Violence.”

Beacon Broadside. November 10, 2017

Photo credit: Lynn Hall

“My Debut Year: Standing in My Truth.”

Beacon Broadside. September 7, 2017

Photo credit: Lynn Hall

Debutante Ball: Five Debut Authors, Five Books, One Big Dance Towards Publication.

The Debutante Ball. 52 weekly posts from August 2016 – August 2016

Photo credit: The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

“We Have to Do Better For Survivors: How the Bill Cosby Mistrial Could Deter Other Rape Victims from Coming Forward.”

Beacon Broadside. June 29, 2017

Photo credit: Lynn Hall

“A Climb of Mt. Aconcagua Emboldened Me in the Eleventh Hour.”

Beacon Broadside. February 7, 2017

Photo credit: Lynn Hall

“Seeking Out the Healing Beauty of National Parks.”

Beacon Broadside. August 25, 2016

Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain National Park

“Look Up.”

LA TimesMarch 28, 2016

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“Fuck Bravery.”

Manifest Station. January 2016

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Blanca Peak Trip Report after completing Colorado’s Fourteeners.

14ers.com. June 2012

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“Blue Is the Color of Hope.”

When I wake at 4 a.m., I am pinned to my bed. A skewer is piercing my temples, slicing my brain…

By Lynn K. Hall

Hippocampus MagazineJanuary 2015