2014 Year in Review – Trail Edition

It’s that season when we reflect on the last 12 months and set goals for the New Year. What I remember most from 2014, in addition to the people whom I have met and my relationships that have grown or strengthened, are the majestic trails I’ve hiked, run, and climbed. I’m often torn between returning to a favorite trail and exploring a new one. Either way, I reserve an entire chamber of my heart for these incredible places:



White Rocks Trail – Boulder. Re-discovering a local favorite. (Photo credit: Megan Finnesy)


North Inlet Trail - Grand Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

North Inlet Trail – Grand Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park. Yes, that is a moose!



The Disappointment Cleaver Route – Mt Rainier, Washington. Nearing the summit of my most technical climb to date.


Buckskin Pass – Maroon Bells Wilderness. My favorite Colorado running trail, the “Four Pass Loop.”


North Fork Trail – Maroon Bells Wilderness. Nearing Frigid Air Pass, the third pass of the “Four Pass Loop.”


Barr Trail – Pikes Peak. The Pikes Peak Marathon is my favorite race every year.


Mile 14 of “Run the Rut” 50K – Big Sky, Montana. Yes, those are people rappelling. During a race.


Green Mountain Summit – Boulder. Two of my favorite things – Green Mountain, my local go-to for a quick, steep climb, and gummy bears, my go-to trail snack.


Barr Trail – Pikes Peak. “Team Hall ‘N It,” a motivational message left from one of my favorite running partners.


Mt Elbert Summit – 14,433′. My favorite 2014 summit, a celebration of Sarah Meiser who became the fifth mountaineer – and the first woman – to climb all 58 Colorado “Fourteeners” in calendar winter. The other mountaineers/ultra-runners in this picture are phenomenal; I was lucky to be a part of their celebration.


Island in the Sky – Canyonlands, Utah. A solo trail run to celebrate my 31st birthday.


The Needles – Canyonlands, Utah. A solo trail run to celebrate my 31st birthday.


Downtown foot paths – Portland, Oregon. Living in the Colorado desert, all this water fascinated me! We ran over about 906 bridges.


“Dirty 30” 50K – Golden Gate State Park. A view of a snow Mt Evans from mile 16ish.


Mt. Belford – Oxford Saddle –  14,153′. My third trip up these beasts.


Mt Evans Road – 14,264′. Every year the mountain goats help me train for the Mt Evans Ascent foot race.


Crestone Needle – South Colony Lakes. My favorite Colorado basin.


Lake Park Trail – Lost Creek Wilderness. My first run through this wilderness. I have no idea why this area is yet to gain popularity with Denver/Boulder-ites.


Mt Democrat – 14,148′. Watching the sun rise as I climb.


The finish line of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon – St. Paul, Minnesota. Best for last: My favorite moment of 2014, a celebration with my Medtronic bionic family.

Looking through this year’s pictures, I feel, once again, deeply grateful that I am able to have these adventures. In the words of my favorite musical artists, One Republic, “This has gotta be the good life.”

I’m wishing a year full of blessing for you in 2015, on the trail and off.

5 Comments on “2014 Year in Review – Trail Edition

  1. Although the reason you started running, a lifelong headache, really stinks, you are one lucky girl to have the time, the physical strength, and the wherewithal to visit all these incredible places. Thank you for allowing me to do the same on this December 30.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Some of my favourite things from 2014 is reading abd seeing photos of your terrific adventures this past year. I am resolved to drag my old butt out this spring and summer and leave some footprints in the mountains. You are terrific my friend.

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