Medtronic Global Heroes Program

Great news! I’m excited to announce that I was selected to participate in the Medtronic Global Heroes Program!

Every year, Medtronic chooses 25 patients whose lives have been radically transformed by their medical technology to run the October Twin Cities Marathon as a “Global Hero.” A friend told me about the program a few months ago, just in time to submit an application. That same friend also sent in a nomination on my behalf. Probably because she said some ridiculously nice things about me (Thanks, Alissa), Medtronic chose me!

Of course I’m excited for the all-expenses-paid trip to Minneapolis, to meet others who have chronic conditions, and to run the marathon on behalf of Medtronic. But maybe besides the free airfare and schwag, there’s enough take away…

One thing a woman said on the above video stuck with me. She said, “Usually when I run, I run despite of my condition. This is the first time I’m running to celebrate it.”

I tend to have a mindset that attempts to put my chronic pain out of mind as much as possible (which isn’t very possible at all, turns out), instead of rejoicing that I can run despite it. That often leads to frustration that I’m not doing as well as I feel I could otherwise. So this summer as I continue my training and races, I’m going to try to hold on to the spirit of celebration.

4 responses to “Medtronic Global Heroes Program”

  1. Awesome!! Love this and your attitude about it. 🙂

  2. You go girl! You take these lemons and make the best f’in lemonade the world has ever tasted…literarily. 😁

    1. You cracked me up with the “literarily!”

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